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Help Kickstart Jeremy Reed and Marc Almond's latest collaborative project

Marc Almond, Jeremy Reed and Othon are working to recreate and record a musical album of JK Huysmans' genre-defining decadent novel, Against Nature. "As an artist, I’m thrilled…

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Lee Harwood obituary

We at Enitharmon are all deeply saddened to hear of the death of Lee Harwood on Sunday 26th July. Not only a highly gifted and skilled poet, but a man of immense kindness and thoughtfulness. It was a…

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Jack Clemo reviewed in Ambit

 "The selection overall portrays a very individual response to times of great change – the high point and decline of Cornish industrialisation, as well as the wider social changes of…

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Anthony Thwaite's 'Going Out' Poem of the Week

Oxford Brookes University chooses Anthony Thwaite's 'Going Out' as their Poem of the Week The poem comes from Thwaite's valedictory collection Going Out which came out in May this…

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Jenkins/Kinsella 'Marine' chosen as one of The Observer's Best Holiday Reads 2015

Blake Morrison chooses Marine by Alan Jenkins and John Kinsella as "essential reading" for the summer.  Read the rest of the recommendations on The Guardian's…

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American Sampler reviewed in Harvard Review Online

 The visible, physical world is alive in these poems, and their verbal rhythms, while unobtrusive, are sure; yet the complex images they evoke live in the mind much more than in the senses.…

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Video of Anthony Thwaite's recent launch

After a brilliant, celebratory evening with sparkling Prosecco and a no less sparkling set of attendees, we are delighted to share a video of the launch of Anthony Thwaite's latest collection, Going…

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The Orchid Boat - The Roehampton Poetry Prize

Lee Harwood’s The Orchid Boat, published by Enitharmon, is the work of an old master; and, as is so often the case with old masters, Harwood fills it with youthful immediacy.  Its…

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Myra Schneider's The Door to Colour reviewed in London Grip

"Eloquently written in long lyrical tercets, [the final sequence The Minatour] is nuanced with detail that may be researched or invented, but that does not seem important. What does seem…

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