Rego, Paula

Jane Eyre


Dimensions: 250 x 180mm
ISBN: 9781911253464
Pages: 64
Format: Hardback
Date: February 2022

Since its first publication in this format in 2004, Paula Rego’s Jane Eyre has been a firm favourite with art lovers and readers devoted to Charlotte Brontë’s celebrated novel who have relished Rego’s deeply imaginative responses to salient incidents in the story. Now redesigned and extended, Rego’s Jane Eyre impresses all over again with its highly dramatic lithographs and carefully chosen texts, tracing Jane’s progress from the shy bookish girl studying Bewick’s History of British Birds and dreaming of the Arctic seas to the confident young woman who survives the dramas at Thornfield Hall and captures the heart of Mr Rochester. Throughout, Rego’s beautiful images illuminate the narrative, whether in monochromatic drawings or full-colour scenes such as that in the fold-out triptych Getting Ready for the Ball. In a magnificently acute and wide-ranging  introduction, Marina Warner places Paula Rego’s achievement in the context of some of the great artists and illustrators of the past, from Gentileschi and Goya through to Gustave Doré and Théophile Steinlen, while at the same time establishing Rego’s place as a supreme storyteller who brings her typically acute psychological understanding and masterly draughtsmanship to this brilliant reimagining of a much-loved classic.



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