Abse, Dannie

In Extra Time: Signed Limited Edition


Dimensions: 167 x 245mm
ISBN: 9781907587191
Pages: 36
Format: Signed Limited Edition; Pamphlet; Rare; Hand-printed
Edition size: 100
Medium: Chapbook

Signed, limited edition chapbook. Each copy is uniquely bound in handmade marbled wrappers by Jemma Lewis. The text paper, provided by Graham Williams of the Florin Press, is 120gsm Basingwerk Suede.

“When my editor at Hutchinson asked me to prepare a Collected Poems I hesitated. To agree to do so seemed to signify an irrevocable ending to my poetry-making, a final dirge-like act. Yet rare is the author who can resist an opportunity to see his cherished works in print. So the book appeared in 2003.

But the whistle had been blown only faintly and the Muse did not go home. In 2005, after I survived a major car crash, I found my need to write poems, in the extra-time allowed me, became even more assertive. Here are the most recent of them. They please me, and I hope you and you.”


In Extra Time is a one-off limited edition; it is an opportunity to own one of Abse’s collections in a hand-made, extraordinary and beautiful edition.

Special signed editions are too valuable to send out via regular postage channels. We therefore use a courier to send them to you. We hope that you can appreciate why there will be an appropriate shipping charge to accommodate this.

In Extra Time