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    Add to cartMichals, DuaneTexas 1964: de luxe edition (complete set of 5 photogravures)Photogravure £1,950
    Add to cartMorris, SharonThe Moon is Shining on my MotherArtist's Book £200
    Add to cartMuldoon, PaulThe Castle of Perseverance (regular edition) £35
    Cover of X + Y = LOVERead moreOhtake, ShinroX + Y = LoveEtchings £950
    Stone SoupRead moreRego, PaulaStone Soup Signed Clothbound Edition £150
    Add to cartRego, PaulaStone Soup: de luxe editionArtist's Book £1,500
    Read moreRego, PaulaO' Vinho £150
    Add to cartRego, PaulaPendle Witches prospectus £10
    Add to cartRego, PaulaI Have Found a Song: de luxe edition (5 original prints)Artist's Book £3,500
    Add to cartGunn, ThomIn the Twilight SlotPhotograph £250