Camp, Jeffery

Pigeons with Pelican


Date: 1994
Format: Framed lithograph in two blacks
Dimensions: 30.5cm x 40.5cm
Medium: Lithograph

Pigeons with Pelican is from a set of nine prints published in 1994 by the Byam Shaw School of Art to raise funds for scholarships and bursaries. The artists each contributed an image depicting one of the birds of London. The purpose was not to produce an ornithological record but to provide a unifying theme through which the individual temperaments and styles of this group of distinguished artists (among them Craigie Aitchison, Patrick Caulfield, Prunella Clough and Paula Rego) could be expressed. Jeffery Camp RA, a Senior Academician who in his work and writings championed the art of drawing, presents here a delicate and benevolent image of the interaction of different birds.



Camp Pigeons framed cropped
Camp Pigeons framed mediumCamp Pigeons Detail