Michals, Duane

Texas 1964 (regular edition)


ISBN: 9781911253426
Format: Hardback
Dimensions: 228 x 300mm
Pages: 216
Published: 2022

Texas 1964 represents an amazing discovery.  Duane Michals, one of America’s pre-eminent photographers completed a project in 1964 to depict different aspects of the state of Texas.  Michals recently discovered in his archive ‘Duane’s Texas tempest in a teapot treasure trove’, the whole brilliant and resonant portrait of that celebrated state – captivating black-and-white images published here for the first time.

Tender, witty, poignant and truthful, Duane Michals’ Texas 1964 captures a society in some ways unchanged from its first controversial settlement, with its racial divisions and economic and social gulfs, and in others redolent of the new America – commercialised, confident, forward-looking.

Texas 1964 has been designed by Peter Willberg and printed in Italy on 170gsm Gardapat Ultra by SiZ Industria Grafica,Verona.


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