Livingstone, Marco

Talking About Aldo


Dimensions: 370 x 285mm
ISBN: 9781904634690
Pages: 76
Format: Paperback

Jim Dine’s vivid, candid and detailed reminiscences about his friendship and working relationship with Aldo Crommelynck (1931-2008), the legendary printer of Matisse and Picasso, over a period of more than 30 years are full of affection, humour and layer upon layer of information.

In conversations with Marco Livingstone, Dine charts the extent to which his experience of working with Aldo, a man who was not only a great printer but also a skilled draughtsman, enriched his experience of France on every level. From an appreciation of its art and culture, its city life and countryside, to its food and its specialist shops, Dine’s ruminations also take some unexpected but illuminating detours that prove deeply revealing of the specific nature of his love for France and of his many debts to an esteemed colleague, fellow traveller and much loved friend.

Cover of Talking About Aldo