Michener, Diana

Susie Glenn: a Memoir of Childhood


Artist: Diana Michener
Date: 2017
Dimensions: 225 x 175mm
Edition size: 50
Format: Quarter-leather binding
Pages: 119
ISBN: 9781911253181
Medium: Slipcased

‘Susie Glenn was the only person who used to say on hearing the front door open, is that you, my little darling? She made words sound good. Like her name. When she arrived, she said, I’ll thank you to use the Susie and the Glenn. I guess she was friendly to both.’

Designed in Collis by Michael Mitchell at Libanus Press, limited to 50 numbered and signed copies. Printed on 170gsm Munken Pure (cream) by Gomer Press. The copies have been bound and slipcased by The Fine Book Bindery, using marbled papers hand-made by Jemma Lewis Marbling, Harmatan Orange 19 natural grain fine leather for the spines and Dubletta 3254 grey cloth for the slipcases.


Special signed editions like this are too valuable to send out via regular postage channels, and are therefore sent to you via courier. We hope that you can appreciate why there will be an appropriate shipping charge to accommodate this.

Susie Glenn
Susie GlennSusie GlennSusie GlennSusie Glenn