Fanthorpe, U.A.

From Me to You: Love Poems


Dimensions: 216 x 138mm
ISBN: 978-1-904634-55-3
Artist: R. V. Bailey, U. A. Fanthorpe
Pages: 80
Format: Paperback

U. A. Fanthorpe and R. V. Bailey write:

‘Wordsworth speaks of the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. This seems an apt description of these love poems. They are not important resonant pieces of writing: they simply happened when one of us felt like writing to the other, quite often when one of us was away from home. Some of them coincided with Valentine’s Days or birthdays, but that was more a matter of good luck than foresight. Quakers, rightly, maintain that Christmas Day is only one important day of all the 365 important days of the year. It’s the same with love poems: they are appropriate at any time, and can be written, incidentally, to dogs, cats, etc., as well as humans…’

Another high quality collection of poetry from U. A. Fanthorpe, but this one is written with love.


From me to You: Love Poems

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