Rego, Paula

Death Goes Shopping


Medium: Etching with Aquatint
Dimensions: 460 x 555 mm
Format: Unframed
Date: 2010

“Death Goes Shopping is an etching telling a story that I dreamt up. I drew everything from a set that I made. I had been to see an exhibition in Antwerp, and there they have the most beautiful lace dresses you can imagine. I bought a lot of them. It struck me that they were like little bridal gowns, and when I got back to my studio in London I made some dolls and put the dresses on them. I made up a story that they were kept in chains and that they were going to be sold: marketed and loaded onto a cart, like chickens, by a nasty woman representing Death.”

Paula Rego


Artist’s proof number v/vi.

Death goes Shopping
Rego DGS signatureRego DGS detail 2

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