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Silences from the Spanish Civil War

Jane Duran

Silences from the Spanish Civil War

• Paperback



‘Duran – a Spanish-American born in Cuba, resident in England since 1966 - twists her hybrid colours into rich, sensual, and perfectly controlled statements of memory and loss...A poet to rejoice in.’ Adam Thorpe, The Observer

‘Her poems are voyages of discovery. Literally. Over and over she writes about the journeys, physical and metaphysical, that are transformative experiences.’ Sarah Maguire, Poetry Review

Jane Duran's father fought in the Spanish Civil War with the Republican army and went into exile after its defeat. This poem-sequence takes as its point of departure her father's silence about the war: 'He lays down his arms. / He raises his arms over his head. / He will not tell.' In a constant search for 'the breath of the unknown', the poems move between the present and the past. Professor Paul Preston’s introduction offers a broad outline of the course and significance of the war and places the poems within their historical context.

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64 216 x 138mm 9781900564670

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