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My Yorkshire (de luxe)

David Hockney

My Yorkshire (de luxe)

Edited by Marco Livingstone

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Enitharmon Editions have great pleasure in announcing publication of the de luxe edition of David Hockney's hugely successful book My Yorkshire: Conversations with Marco Livingstone.

The book, hand-bound in green cloth by The Fine Book Bindery, is housed in a sumptuous solander box which also contains a signed and numbered original print Rain on the Studio Window. The edition is limited to 75 copies.

Rain on the Studio Window, conceived in 2009 and printed in late 2011, is Hockney's first computer drawing on a more intimate scale. As always, he exploits the medium for its particular qualities, relishing the sumptuousness of colour possible with inkjet printing. As he has now come to favour the iPad over the computer for his digital drawings, it may well be that it will stand as his only small-scale editioned print using this process.

Hockney takes a delight in making images of prosaic subjects. The beauty one experiences, and that lifts the spirits, is the pleasure of seeing, of intense looking. So it is, too, with the view of raindrops on the sloping Velux window of his attic studio that he takes as his subject here. There are echoes of thematic concerns that stretch right back through his work. In particular we witness here a witty and brilliantly economical rendering of his lifelong fascination with tricky pictorial problems such as how to represent the action of light through transparent and translucent materials such as water and glass, first delightfully manifested in his swimming pool paintings of the mid-1960s. One recalls also his brilliantly evocative lithograph Rain from the Weather series in 1973, where he cleverly marshalled the use of an inky medium to represent (both literally and metaphorically) the action of water pouring down a flat surface.

To read Marco Livingstone's commentary in full click here.

David Hockney
Rain on the Studio Window
Inkjet printed computer drawing on paper. Printed on Epson Hot Press Natural, matte, smooth paper. 
16 x 11 3/8 in (40.6 x 28.9 x cm) image on sheet measuring 22 x 17 in (55.9 x 43.2 cm) 
Edition of 75 plus 25 hors commerce copies, signed and numbered.
Published 2011 to accompany the de luxe edition of David Hockney, My Yorkshire: Conversations with Marco Livingstone. Enitharmon Editions.

You may wish to contact the office directly to discuss the book and process your payment, rather than ordering through the website. Please do not hesitate to contact info@enitharmon.co.uk.

Price Pages Size ISBN


84 250 x 320mm 978-1-907587-14-6

Sorry but this publication is currently sold out.

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