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The Saner Places: Selected Poems (signed)

Alan Brownjohn

The Saner Places: Selected Poems (signed)

• Paperback


 The Saner Places: Selected Poems is both an essential, accessible introduction to a key figure in contemporary British poetry and an entirely new take on a lifetime's work by the author himself. Drawing on six decades of work, this selection charts Alan Brownjohn's idiosyncratic take on the issues for which his poetry is known - love (and sex), time (and mortality) and our ecological and cultural environment (threatened and abused). Even to new readers, poems such as his famously prophetic ‘We are going to see the rabbit’ will be familiar. To all, up to those best acquainted with Brownjohn, these poems will confirm a reputation as one of the most thought-provoking – and entertaining – poets committed to interpreting the modern world.

Praise for Alan Brownjohn:

‘Wise, witty and steadfast, Alan Brownjohn is one of the most reliably enjoyable of writers. His poems – some sad, some very, very funny – are the true record of an age.’
Margaret Drabble on Collected Poems (Enitharmon, 2006)

‘…he approaches [the age of] 80 at full imaginative steam…If you don’t find yourself laughing at and with Ludbrooke, the chances are that you’re a puritan or dead or both.’
Sean O’Brien on Ludbrooke & Others (Enitharmon, 2010)


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192 216 x 138mm 978-1-907587-07-8

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