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X + Y = Love

Shinro Ohtake

X + Y = Love

• De luxe


Shinro Ohtake has since childhood in the early 1960s been fascinated by Japanese popular music – particularly the Made-in-Japan 'American Pops' which, as he says in his endnote, 'let me know that the street outside our house somehow connected to other countries.' The lyrics of the songs, in English and Japanese, are set on facing pages to his inventive, nostalgic and playful etchings.

The edition comprises 50 copies, each containing ten sheets pairing one etching by Shinro Ohtake with one lithographed plate of text. The etchings and colour lithographic cover, all designed by the artist, have been printed on Japanese Gampi paper and pasted onto 270gsm Arches by Nobuhisa Otsuki. The texts have been typeset by Katsuhiro Kinoshita for Design Club and transferred onto lithographed plates. Each copy, signed on the colophon by the artist, is contained in a hand-made solander box bound in black-and-red textured cloth, and housed in a card slipcase.

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24 405 x 310mm 0000000000017

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