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Hand in the Well, The

Sebastian Barker

The Hand in the Well

• Paperback


I came to the end of the world.
For some time, I knew,
Things had been getting too serious.
Then, from the void outside existence,
Came the sound of Greeks laughing.

from The End of the World

'Sebastian Barker is one of the most talented poets around. As a writer of discursive, care-free verse, he has no equal ... he is always original, interesting and intelligent. He can write several different kinds of poem, and write them supremely well.
     Gavin Ewart, Poetry Review

 ‘Barker executes the forms he uses with near-Elizabethan wit, metaphysical spirituality, and often a Blakean vaticism. His choice of subjects is thoroughly contemporary ... and his syntax is essentially unstrained and accessible. A lot of American readers will consider Barker a real find.'
     Booklist (USA)

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80 216 x 138mm 9781870612227

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