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Frances  Bellerby

Frances  Bellerby

Frances Bellerby, poet, novelist and short story writer, was born in 1899, the daughter of an Anglo-Catholic curate in a poor working-class parish of East Bristol. She was educated at Mortimer House School, Clifton and in her twenties worked as a kennel-maid, taught English, Latin and games, tutored, and had a staff job in the London office of the Bristol Times and Mirror. In 1929 she married the economist John Rotherford Bellerby; after an accident in 1930 and recurrent ill-health she remained a semi-invalid until her death in 1975.

Books/Artworks by Frances  Bellerby:

The First-Known and Other Poems (Limited Numbered Edition) - Press • Hardback • Rare

Selected Stories (paperback) - Press • Paperback • Short Story

Selected Poems - Press • Paperback

Selected Poems - Press • Hardback

Selected Stories - Press • Hardback • Short Story

The First-Known and Other Poems - Press • Poetry • Hardback • Rare


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